Q. What if my child wont settle?

We provide you with  a settling in sessions prior to your child starting nursery, this gives you the chance to meet the staff and for your child to meet the staff with you. We will ring you if they do not settle and they get to distressed. We will encourage you to ring the nursery as many times as you feel comfortable with to see if they are settled. We will always tell you the truth and work with you and your child until they do become settled.

Q. What if my child becomes ill at nursery?

The staff will ring you and inform you that they are ill, and will monitor your child until you collect them.

Q. I am breastfeeding my baby can I continue this at nursery?

Yes. We will provide you with a quiet area to come into nursery and feed your child yourself. If this is not possible we can store expressed milk for when your child needs it.

Q. What do I need to bring to nursery?

Nothing we provide everything, except formula milk, this includes  nappies, wipes, bibs, cups, cutlery.

Q. My child is on medication can they still come to nursery?

Yes if the GP says they are well enough to attend, you will be given an authorisation form to complete should they require the medication whilst at nursery.

Q. Can others collect my child?

Yes if they are on the registration form, a password will be required to ensure they are going home with your nominated adult and to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Q. Are all the meals cooked on the premises?

All meals are cooked fresh and prepared on site by the nursery chef.

Q. My child is a faddy eater will they go hungry if they wont eat the meal?

No most children eat better in a group situation, but an alternative will be provided if they don’t eat the meal and you will be informed if they have not eaten. We will work with you at all times to ensure your child’s dietry requirements are met.

Q. Are Special diets / Allergies catered for?

We cater for all dietary needs, and will  purchase products if required ie lactose, gluten free foods.

Q. Do I have to pay a registration fee or any thing upfront?

No we don’t charge a fee, and there is no upfront changes.

Q. Do you offer flexible places?

We can accommodate any shift pattern with a weeks’ notice, and your fees will be calculated around these patterns so you pay for what you actually need, not a fulltime place.

Q. Is the staff turnover high?

Our staff turnover is very low we have over 50% of our staff who have been employed for more than 10 years,

Q. What qualifications do your staff hold?

We have staff with NNEB, City Guilds NVQ level 3, 4, 5 Early Years professional Status early Years degrees,  all staff have paediatric first aid and the cooks have a nutritional and balanced meal qualification.

Q. Can we visit the nursery at anytime?

We have an open door policy, which means you can visit when you want to, we would recommend if there is something specific you want to discuss or you if you would like to see your child’s keyworker, you make an appointment first.

Q. I am potty training my child can you continue this at nursery and what do I need?

The staff will work with you on potty training and continue any routine you have at home, all we need is a spare bag of pants and clothes for any mishaps they may have.





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